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Friv 1

Bike Cop Adventure

Mont Bike X1

Birds Puzzle Room Escape

Tinkerzle Colouring Book

Bike Wheeling

Motorbike Concentration Game

Stunt Bike Girl

Rough Ride


Ice Rider

Circus Ride

3D Bike race

Nice Green Room Escape

Scooter Racer 2: Speedway
Diesel and Death
Race your bike across the junkyard, pass the flag first or destroy your opponent to win!
Category: Other | Source: Diesel and Death | Plays: 21542 | Score: 5.0000

Bike Wheeling
First Fix your Bike wherein you have limited time of 60 secs to do it. After fixing the bike, choose your favorite color and start wheeling the bike for competition.
Category: Driving | Source: Bike Wheeling | Plays: 13171 | Score: 3.0000

Bike Ninja
In this game you have to drive your bike on a jick jack path with low visibility condition. Complete all five levels as fast as possible to get maximum points.
Category: Adventure | Source: Bike Ninja | Plays: 12783 | Score: 3.0000

Super Biker
Super Biker is a crazy bike racing game.
Category: Driving | Source: Super Biker | Plays: 12780 | Score: 3.0000

Scooter Racer 2: Speedway
Race against other crafty scooters on various tracks including the legendary speedway. The opposition is now smarter than ever, able to recover from scuffles with greater ease and get back onto the raceway. Other tracks included are the swirl, the classic Scooter Racer 1 track and the figure-8. Enjoy a greater level of customization as you can now change the appearance of your scooter as you see fit.
Category: Driving | Source: Scooter Racer 2: Speedway | Plays: 8758 | Score: 3.0000

Stunt Champ
Pull some insane tricks and Complete through all the levels while doing as many stunts as possible to build up your score.
Category: Driving | Source: Stunt Champ | Plays: 6535 | Score: 3.0000

Scooter Racer
Wrestle through a high-speed raceway on a series of races against other racers on scooters. This game is the first of a series of racing and bike games. Watch out for the other bikes though as they will do everything they can including ram you off the track to get ahead in the races.
Category: Driving | Source: Scooter Racer | Plays: 6323 | Score: 3.0000

Friv 1
Friv 1 is the most amazing Motorcycle game to hit the market. It has a incredible number of levels and each one gets more challenging as you go. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Friv 1!
Category: Driving | Source: Friv 1 | Plays: 6166 | Score: 3.0000

Tinkerzle Colouring Book
Tinkerbell Coloring Book - Match any color you desire and color tinkerbell.
Category: Adventure | Source: Tinkerzle Colouring Book | Plays: 6132 | Score: 3.0000

Spongebob BMX
Spongebob is having fun on his BMX. Help him to drive through all the obstacles without falling down. Collect burgers to score points. You have three chance to survive.All the best!
Category: Driving | Source: Spongebob BMX | Plays: 5760 | Score: 3.0000

Mont Bike X1
This is the first version of Mont Bike and we well continue to work on the new version with new maps. We hope that you will enjoy this game!
Category: Sports | Source: Mont Bike X1 | Plays: 5165 | Score: 3.0000

The Sequence Escape
New Escape game developed GamesNovel.com.
Category: Strategy | Source: The Sequence Escape | Plays: 4737 | Score: 3.0000

Rough Ride
Being a motorbiker means risking your neck. Ride to the top of this Rough bike challenge, or take a face full of dirt trying.
Category: Driving | Source: Rough Ride | Plays: 4730 | Score: 3.0000

Bmx Star
Have you ever dreamed of being a proffesional bmx rider, well this is your chance to make your dream come true. Complete the amazing puzzle and become a real bmx rider
Category: Puzzles | Source: Bmx Star | Plays: 4363 | Score: 3.0000

Ben 10 Extreme Ride
Get ready for Extreme thrilling adventure with Ben10 Extreme Ride. More fun and excitement with each level. Earn more points to get high score.
Category: Sports | Source: Ben 10 Extreme Ride | Plays: 4315 | Score: 3.0000

Escape From the Fitness Center
GamesNovel's - New online free games.
Category: Action | Source: Escape From the Fitness Center | Plays: 4238 | Score: 3.0000

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